De White Phoenix

I am the founder and owner to the new troupe MOONLIGHTING and I find my fav past time is dancing with my kids and being a mom. I write, read, love, dance, make hoops cloths jelery paints. I paint name the art i do it name the dance i do it.


Wicked Garden Tribal Fusion bellydance fringe belt

Super scrumptious. All of the back crystals are detachable and can be placed on your head dress or hooked to the drapes. They make for great photos but for dancers that spin, do drops, and shimmy their bums off, I want to help you prevent damage.


Vintage goodies :
Antique high quality Victorian Era jet bead work
Brass findings
Metal & Mirror buttons
Antique tea stained lace base
Kuchi coins from Pakistan,India, and more
Glass green bits
Turkoman buttons

New stock
Gianormous 3.5 inch O ring closure
Fully lined for long life
Hand sewn glass beaded fringe

Best for hips 37-39 

(via dutchfruitjar)

Moonlighting Heavy Metal Belly Dance Performance

Moonlighting Heavy Metal Belly Dance Performance